RISE Admissions

24 Month Bhakti Sastri Course

Books Studied

  1. Bhagavad Gita
  2. Nectar of Instruction (Updeshamrita)
  3. Nectar of Devotion (Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu) – first 19 chapters
  4. Isopanishad.


The duration of the course is 24 months. There will be an interactive learning session of 3 hours on every Sunday at ISKCON Auckland temple. 


The course consists of 6 modules & each module will have a fee of $60. However, if there is a genuine financial hardship situation then this fee or a part of it can be waived. Please write to shubh50@yahoo.com for scholarships.

“Listeners” who wants to attend the classes but does not want to go through examinations or receive the certificate will have fee of $35 per module. 

Entry criteria for this degree course

  1. The student should be chanting 16 rounds of Hare Krishna Maha mantra every day.
  2. The student should be following 4 regulative principles of no meat eating, no intoxication, no gambling & no illicit sex.
  3. The student should complete the attached registration form.
  4. The student should provide a recommendation letter from his/her mentor, spiritual master or other ISKCON authority.

If the student is very keen to do the course but does not currently fit in the first 2 criteria then he/she can be exempted for first 4 months, at the end of which he/she needs to come to this standard otherwise they will be moved to “listener” level. 

Assessment consists of

  1. Memorisation of key verses.
  2. Open book assignments (which includes question/answers & writing short essays).
  3. Closed book examinations at the end of each module.

Passing marks are 65% in each module.

More Information

For more information and enrolments please contact Suhrt Krishna Das on rise@gmail.com

Enrolment Downloads

The following PDF forms need to be downloaded and completed by students prior to admission:

Bhakti Sastri Admission Form

Student Recommendation Letter

Schoology Information

Schoology is an online learning management platform which we will be using for the Bhakti Sastri course.

What can you do on this platform?

  • You can get reference material for the course.
  • You can exchange messages with other course attendees & facilitators.
  • You will receive assignments through it.
  • You can submit your assignment responses.
  • You will also get the score & feedback through it.
  • See our Schoology page for more info »