Projects and organisations in our community including restaurants, schools, yoga centres, and local groups…

Projects & Organisations in the ISKCON Auckland Community

ISKCON Auckland is a growing community with a wide range of projects and organisations that service its members and spread the knowledge of Krishna consciousness to society.


The Hare Krishna School

The Hare Krishna School is a State Integrated Primary School. We teach the full New Zealand curriculum from Years 1 to 8 (ages 5-13). The special character of the Hare Krishna School is reflected throughout the curriculum, the culture and ethos of the school.

The Temple Shop

The Auckland Hare Krishna temple shop offers of wide range of devotional items including clothes, music, art, and books. The temple shop is run as a service to support the Auckland Hare Krishna temple and is open through the week and on weekends.

Govinda’s Restaurant

Govinda’s is a Vegetarian & Vegan restaurant that offers an international cuisine in a unique K’Road atmosphere. The food is enjoyed by vegetarians, vegans and non-vegetarians alike due to the quality and method of preparation, and the variety and richness of the menu.

Congregation Groups

The members of the Auckland Hare Krishna temple congregation meet on a weekly basis at various locations across Auckland. Devotees gather to discuss the philosophy and practise of Krishna consciousness.

The Loft Yoga Lounge

At The Loft Yoga Lounge offer a range of yoga classes including hatha and astanga yoga for physical exercise, kirtan yoga for spiritual rejuvenation, and discussions on the science of yoga as presented in the Bhagavad Gita.

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